Public or private school? Local or far from home? Big city or small town? What majors are offered? What is campus life like? There are many different factors to consider in selecting colleges, and these resources can help you start to search for your "best fit". 

Searching and Selecting Colleges

Explore College Options

This resource describes some of the important factors to consider and explore when comparing colleges.

Search for Colleges With Overgrad 

Use this resource to learn how to use the Overgrad platform to search colleges and compare them to create your final college list.

Create a Well-Rounded College List

This resource describes different types of schools that students should be sure to include on a well-rounded list of college applications.

Recommended Colleges

College Short Lists

These short lists can be helpful for students in creating their college lists and ensuring that they have a balanced list of reach, target, and safety schools. These lists are not meant to be comprehensive or prescriptive, and it should ultimately be the student’s responsibility to decide where to apply. They’re just meant to be helpful suggestions.

CA College Snapshot

This is a list of the most popular colleges California Summit students apply to.

WA College Snapshots

This is a list of the most popular colleges Washington Summit students apply to.