Junior year is an incredibly important time to learn about the college process and set yourself up for success senior year. Take advantage of the opportunities to learn everything you can about college in your College Readiness Expeditions course and with your mentor! 

For another version of this timeline with separate checklists for parents and students, see the Junior Parent and Student College Checklist resource.


  • Begin taking AP-level courses

  • Set goals for junior year grades in PLP meeting

  • Discuss college and career goals in PLP meeting

  • Study for PSAT

  • First rotation of College Readiness: Why College Project


  • All Summit 11th graders take PSAT at school (Oct 11th or 25th)


  • Continue to work toward grade goals in classes

  • Second rotation of College Readiness: Career Exploration

  • Research summer programs and begin applying for them

  • Study for SAT and/or ACT

  • Register for January SAT or February ACT


  • Re-evaluate grade goals and if you're on track to achieve them

  • Take January SAT and/or February ACT

  • Register for March SAT (if needed)

  • Attend College Testing and Financial Aid Night at school with parents/ guardians

  • Continue to research and apply for summer programs


  • Prepare for and take CAASPP/ Early Assessment Program (proctored during school)

  • Take March SAT (if needed)

  • Register for and take April ACT (if needed)

  • Third rotation of College Readiness: Financial Literacy, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

  • Sign up and study for AP tests

  • Attend College Case Study Night at school with parents/ guardians

  • Finalize summer plans


  • Review SAT and ACT scores; choose one to continue to study and retake in fall

  • Take AP tests

  • Study for and take SAT II subject tests (depending on college/ major requirements)

  • Fourth rotation of College Readiness: College Portfolio

  • Attend Personalizing the College Process Night at school with parents/ guardians

  • Choose teachers to request letters of recommendation

  • Finish school year with strongest grades possible


  • Visit colleges

  • Continue to work on application essays

  • Continue to research colleges and refine college list

  • Continue to study for SAT/ ACT if retaking in fall

  • Participate in meaningful summer experiences such as volunteer work, leadership programs, etc.