On a number of Wednesdays throughout the year, all Senior & Junior Mentor groups will watch a video pre-recorded by the College Readiness Team to learn the content of the College Readiness process. Find the videos below.

11th Grade Webinars

Webinar 2: What Are Pathways to my Long-Term Goals?

Webinar 3: Building Your College List

Webinar 4: How Will I Apply in Senior Year?

Webinar 5: How Do I Use My Summer Effectively to Meet My Goals?

12th Grade Webinars

Webinar 1: Personal Statement

Webinar 2: College List

Webinar 3: Financial Aid

Webinar 4: Mid-year Reports & Application Push

Webinar 5: Scholarships

Webinar 6: Financial Aid Verification

Webinar 7: Understanding Your Financial Aid Award

Webinar 8: Weighing Your Admissions Decisions

Webinar 9: I Made My Decision. Now What?